Rachel Binah

Starting with collage years ago, it’s rare to see even a scrap of paper I don’t want to save. My pieces combine paper with sometimes odd combinations of materials, discarded remnants of our cultural damage and waste. I use plastics, building materials such as window screening, Tyvek, roofing tiles, fabric and paints. The constructions are hand sewn with intentionally rustic/naive and child-like sutures of twine, ribbon or wire. I prefer to extend my pieces beyond predictable rectangles.

Living near the ocean, I feel an emotional connection to its pristine beauty. The textures and shapes of the water as it moves are elusively compelling. The work reflects my fury about the arrogant and erroneous notion that we can mend the ocean while ignoring the environmental horrors created by greedy ocean oil drilling industrialists. I’m hopeful that it is not too late.

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