From Rachel's New Studio

May 21, 2024

Our beloved artist and partner Rachel Binah is moving to Boundless Farmstead in Bend Oregon to be near family. Boundless is an appropriate word for Rachel, who out of passion for the ocean worked many years to protect it from offshore oil drilling. During her over 50 years on the Mendocino coast, where she founded Rachel’s Inn (now SCP Mendocino Inn and Farm), her environmental activism led her to become a superdelegate to the Democratic Party and Chair of the Environmental Caucus. She felt also enriched by her volunteer work as treasured mentor to the many young people of middle and high school years she nurtured through the Partnership Scholars Program.

Many Mendocino County residents associate the beauty of our coast with Rachel Binah’s long work in striving to protect it from offshore oil development. Click here to see the full article from The Press Democrat, published January 2019.

When you look closely at some of Rachel’s art works, among the lace-like apparent fragility of these hand sewn creations you may find objects such as bottle caps, Tyvek, even window screening: remnants of our cultural waste. “I am drawn to discarded materials as a way of environmental activism,” she says.

Here she welcomes us into her new studio with her typical graciousness.
Another view of her new studio that her nephew, farmer David Kellner-Rode, built for Rachel adjacent to the barn.
Working with paint.
Rachel in her new living room with her recent work behind her.
The Barn.
Protection, like waves of the ocean, for the one hundred different kinds of vegetables grown on the farm.
Aspen and Birch trees “I feel at peace here.”
Virginia Sharkey