A Studio Visit with Kristin Otwell

September 28, 2023

A productive solitude, a solitude in which what could never have been predicted appears… – Adam Phillips

"My studio is my spot. It’s my own very private space; only three or four others have ever ventured inside."

"It used to be our carport, but a good friend turned it into a studio, and my father made some built-in shelves, which I quickly filled."  

"I have collected so many different things to play with: sewing materials, a small printing press, toys, markers, pens, paint, brushes, wood and paper scraps, stones, shells and pinecones, leaves, CDs, books, found objects, finished and unfinished projects, my own and friends’ art.

On the lower shelves are lots of of craft materials for the class I teach at the Hospitality Center in Fort Bragg for houseless people, once a week for whoever turns up, usually five or six people. What tools and materials I bring depends on what they show interest in. It’s a way to help in my community.

Right now the Hospitality Center artists have a show at the Fort Bragg Library through October, watercolors and collages, and in the class we are going to be building a Day of the Dead altar, which can be seen at the Hospitality Center from the middle of October till the end of the month."

"Whew! It’s a mess—but a very comforting mess. I love my time alone here. It’s private, it has storage space, good light on one side, and it houses everything I need."

"Here, I am playing with a folded paper. I am interested in shadows."

"I realize that my finished work is often very tight and precise. I like to believe I am creating order out of chaos. It’s my way of dealing with life and all its complications. In my studio, I have the power to make something beautiful, ordered, and tidy. That is very satisfying to me."

Miriam Davis
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