A Studio Visit with Pamela Hahn

May 9, 2022

"Beauty is no ornament. It is the meaning. It is the truth. We have that on good authority." — Source unknown

The doorway of Pamela Hahn’s studio, a 100 year old apple drying shed, is embraced by a wisteria which is perhaps pulling down the porch roof—or holding it up.

"My work tables are on wheels, which is helpful in a small space.” 

The room is rich in color and good light.

The Studio Assistant

This wall next to your door—it’s very colorful.

"My wall. Over the years I have put up things given to me by friends or that have resonated with me."

And I like your light switch.

Your primary medium is encaustic.

“I like texture and the sculptural quality of wax appeals to me. I work on panels so the surface can take a lot of scraping or incising. Wax on paper is completely different. It can be translucent and delicate. I paint on paper directly on the hot palette."

Here the paper is mounted on panel.

"This collage is from a series of 6” x 6” pieces I've titled Beach Nights. Most of the objects I used came from the beach. They are mounted on encaustic on paper on panels."

Beach Nights III by Pamela Hahn

These are some tools. A hot palette for melting the paint, some blocks of color, and brushes.

“I embrace chance. I like to see where something accidental might lead. Where we live, the elements change all the time. Fog, the light can be different throughout the day. Nothing stays still for long. This is like working with wax."

Miriam Davis
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