Feast Your Eyes

January 8, 2024

Perhaps you have been busy over the holidays, with feasting, eating, and drinking with family and friends. In the dark and wet of this January, our Partners artists are offering a Feast for the Eyes. Some of the work references good things to eat and drink, and all of it offers color and form that will repay the inquiring gaze. There are surprises here, and beauty, and in looking at the art displayed, you may experience the calmness and peace that comes with quiet contemplation.

Reaching for the Light, Acrylic on canvas by Karen Fenley
Doily, Mixed media by Mina Cohen

 “Doily includes an old fashioned doily that features a number of different fruits as part of the pattern. Pattern is a significant feature of my work so this doily was a perfect vehicle."

Have a Cup, Mixed media paper on panel by Arlene Reiss
Saffron Glass, Mixed media monotype by Kathy Carl

"Yes, that is actual saffron adhered to the monotype print. The spice added a beautiful color and intriguing abstract lines."

Miriam Davis
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