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April 2, 2023

"Open the unusual door." — James Baldwin

Partners Gallery has invited a number of artists to show with us in April. We think our visitors will find the show intriguing and stimulating.

India Wall Under Layered Shards-1 by Roger Jordan

One artist’s explorations with waxed rice paper add depth and mystery to his archival prints.

Bridge by Lisa Culjis

Several of our guests express their appreciation for their surroundings and passion for the natural world through the creation of sculpture from found objects. One artist’s home is a converted grocery store, full of found objects which eventually find their way into assemblages. Another makes collages as well as assemblages, exhibiting elegant formal compositions.

Among the works shown are compressed small scale paintings, and one of our guests was instrumental in re-awakening a Partner’s love of printmaking and pure drawing. The Caspar dump's trash and treasures are inspiration for one guest artist, whose photo-based works are diary pages of the local community.

Plankton #3 – PELAGIA by Sonya Popow

We will be showing wood-fired ceramic pieces inspired by natural forms like seedpods, bones, shells, and plant forms. A stroll through this artist’s studio is like a visit to a Natural History lab, full of surprising and engaging forms.

Moving Along by Joan Burleigh

As one of our guests says, “Making art is just plain good for the soul!”

There are many more works than I have space for here. I hope you can see this wide-ranging show in person.

Miriam Davis
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