Moving On

August 11, 2020

To our visitors and friends:

We miss you and hope you are finding your way safely through these difficult times, so painful for so many. Partners Gallery has left its physical space on Franklin Street in Fort Bragg, but we have our Gallery still, our Partners, and our art. Like many others we are moving our presence on line. Our new website is the result of the enterprise and industry of Ryan Grossman of New Leaf Design and our Partner Kathy Carl.

We, like you, are making efforts to keep safe, get outside, communicate, and, in our case, make our very hands-on work. If you have been a visitor to our Gallery, you will probably recognize the distinctive materials and style of each artist, whether in painting, collage, fiber arts, assemblage, or sculpture. If you are new to Partners Gallery, you might like to look at the artist pages and see if you can make a match.

Whose Hands?

Pamela Hahn

I look forward to going into the studio and discovering what I’m going to do next. I’m surprising myself a lot lately.

Rachel Binah

Sewing white ribbons, twine, thread onto tulle and a backing of black window screening. The textures created by the transparencies remind me of a waterfall.

Kristin Otwell

I have been cutting up the covers of New Yorker magazines into one inch squares and rearranging these to form new images. It's a bit like solving a puzzle for which there are unlimited answers. I find this project satisfies my need to feel creative but also gives me boundaries, which I find comforting in this surreal time.

Virginia Stearns

Twisting, writhing, red manzanita, almost bare of bark, like human or animal bodies. It is a hardwood, difficult to nail or screw, but always a pleasure to feel in my hands.

Miriam Davis
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