Oldies Are Goodies

March 1, 2024

In my closet, carefully folded up, is a lovely crimson cashmere sweater. It’s been there about three years now. Every once in a while, I lift it out and try it on, only to find that it is still too snug across the bosom, still too tight in the arms. Most artists have work—good work—that, like my sweater, has not yet found its forever home. It may be in a tall painting rack at the back of an artist’s studio, or in a locked, humidity controlled cabinet.  

This month we Partners have done some deep dives into our reserves, and we will be showing paintings, collages, and sculptures that have not seen the light of day in some time. You may find a work of art here that fits you exactly! Come and see. You will have the thrill of viewing gorgeous art, and my gorgeous crimson sweater will be given to the first person to purchase one of our resurfacing treasures. The bunny goes with the sweater.

Miriam Davis
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