Partners in Winter

November 30, 2023

It’s winter now, cold outside and dark by 5:00. But we have holiday lights, wood in the stoves, and we will see friends and family and celebrate community. These are dark times in many ways, and it’s important to refresh ourselves with light and warmth, and remind ourselves of the many ways we are fortunate, and able to help and cheer others.

Partners Gallery members have put together a holiday gift show every year since our beginning almost 25 years ago. This December Partners will be exhibiting small art works as well as larger pieces, and in the old vault we will be showing work by fine jewelers. Join us and meet the Artists this Second Saturday, December 9, and follow the sidewalk candles to many interesting shops and galleries here in Mendocino on the 9th Annual Mendocino Candlelit Shopping Night.  

Partners will be open till 7:00 to welcome you. Come and see!

Miriam Davis
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