Rachel Binah at Work

June 20, 2022
"Come in!"

We go in to large, open rooms filled with Rachel’s work on all the walls, on tables, on beds.

"I work in this house," she tells me, “everywhere in this house.”

A dining area next to the kitchen with an arrangement of punched and textured paper.

"So what I do, I work a little bit here, and a little there, I use the whole house that way."

"Every square inch of this place is my studio, and I’m always changing everything around.”
Work stored in a bedroom.
"I cover the kitchen counter with scrap paper and paint there."
"Here in the living room is a good sewing spot. I can sit in my chair or stand, and I can rotate the top of this table to bring everything within reach."
We visited one of Rachel’s storage areas. It’s full, very full, but quite orderly.

"I like to use non-traditional materials…things I find, things people have given me…"

Rachel showed me Fragile Peace. Its lovely white streamers and ribbons waved and fluttered as she breathed, indeed giving a feeling of delicacy and fragility. 

Fragile Peace, Hand sewn mixed media construction

Rachel’s work feels so deeply personal. It seems to speak of her own suffering, and much of that seems to be pain for the world.

"I feel like I’ve been in a fog for three years, what with my sister’s illness and death, the state of the oceans, politics, the world…and I know I’m not alone. We are all at sixes and sevens, but we must find a creative response."

Mending Ice, Hand sewn paper and fabric construction

Rachel has titled this piece as a sort of wish. "Of course, you can’t mend ice. It’s melting, and you can’t control it, can’t stop it. Huge pieces of ice are falling, and our environment is disintegrating, and it breaks my heart."

Miriam Davis
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