The Magic of Art

December 6, 2022

It's the dark time of the year: winter solstice nears, it’s cold outside, and it’s nighttime by 5:00. All northern countries have traditional ways of observing the solstice and celebrating the persistence of life. People display plants like holly and fir that last out the cold winter. In the midst of our coastal winter, we have holiday lights, wood in the stoves, candles, and we’re eager to see friends and family and celebrate community. We remind ourselves of the many ways we are fortunate, and able to help and cheer others.

This year, as we have for the last 23 years, we are showing work we think will make interesting gifts. Partners will be exhibiting small art works as well as larger pieces, and in our 1872 bank vault you will see fine jewelry. Meet the Artists on the Second Saturday Art Walk this December 10. It’s also the 8th Annual Mendocino Candlelit Shopping Night, a magical night in downtown Mendocino. Partners will be open till 7:00 to welcome you. Come and see!

Miriam Davis
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