Snakes and Amulets

2021 Exhibit

During the time we were sequestered due to the pandemic I took the opportunity to repurpose a number of old works that no longer worked for me. I came across a very large painting that included the shed skin of a boa constrictor. I cut the painting into four equal sections, mounted on board and rendered as individual works. The shed skin is a metaphor for the year we want to put behind us. Not only are we shedding sickness but also a government that relied on hatred, selfishness, and misogyny. What a relief to share these works of shed skin, a rebirth.

While I do not believe in magic, I do understand that much that happens to us has to do with luck, either we have it or we do not. Amulets are an ancient artifact of magic, though they are also a reminder of hope, hope for something good to come. Jewish amulets are written, and include the Hebrew words Le’negdi Tamid. As with many words in Hebrew, this phrase has many meanings: in front of me always, next to me always, opposite me always. Whether you are a believer in God or not, the amulet reminds you that there is some power with you at all times.

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